Tax Investigation

If you worry when you receive a letter from HMRC you’re not alone. But don’t be tempted to ignore it - it never goes away, and can often escalate.

In our experience, having good accounting systems and procedures is essential. This makes defending any enquiries from HMRC so much easier. And, if you do receive a visit from HMRC, it also helps to reassure them you have everything in order.

But good systems alone are not enough. Knowing the latest regulations and ensuring you are complying with all the rules is paramount. And that’s where we come in.

We can handle any HMRC requests on your behalf and support you, should there be a full investigation. We have been very successful in defending our clients and reducing fines and tax liabilities in the past.

We can manage this process for you, collating all the necessary paperwork and evidence, and handling follow up queries from the Revenue. This frees you up to be delivering for your clients, whilst knowing everything is in safe hands.

If you would like help with an HMRC query or a tax investigation, please contact us on

01256 406 601