Forensic Accounting

Despite the name, forensic accounting isn't all about crime detection, although we do handle fraud investigation...

Forensic accounting covers a range of activities within business and we can support you with a number of those:

  • Fraud investigation – you may be concerned about internal issues – we can put your mind at rest, or provide evidence for you to take further action
  • Company valuation – if you are considering purchasing a business we can give you a true evaluation of that business, before you make a bid
  • Disputes and litigation – if you are defending a claim, or wish to make one, we can support you with appropriate evidence

We can also run intensive auditing, if you need in depth analysis within your business.

Forensic accounting is a specialist skill, so we’d be delighted to talk to you in more detail about how we can support you. Please give us a call on

01256 406 601