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Travel related expenses – What you can claim

We have already looked at claiming mileage and what to consider before getting a company car, so now we explore what additional travel expenses you can claim. It is important that you can demonstrate your travel is for a justifiable business reason, or any expenses will be deemed a benefit in kind. In essence, tax relief is… Read More

Subcontractor or employee?

You may wonder why it makes any difference whether the person you are working with is deemed a subcontractor or employee? However, the rights of an employee are significantly greater than those of independent contractors or workers. Equally, HMRC treat them differently, and may expect additional payments from you. So, let’s start by looking at… Read More

Tools To Support You In The Digital Revolution

Cloud computing and the smart phone revolution have totally transformed the way businesses are run now. We might be able to leave our wallets at home, but couldn’t survive without our phone. You may already be using cloud accounting software, and have seen the benefits it brings compared to traditional bookkeeping. We would like to… Read More

Options when considering a company car

Last month we looked at what could be claimed if you, or an employee, used your own vehicle for business use. This time, we are looking at what you need to consider if you are thinking about providing a company vehicle. What are the options? A leased car/van – leased in the company name and… Read More

Is time running away with you?

From time to time (yes, excuse the pun!) we will share business advice tips with you. Sadly, in the digital world we live in where everybody is “on” all the time, our time is becoming more and more precious. We seem to spend an ever increasing proportion of our day chasing our tails, so we… Read More

Small business: how can you save employment costs?

14-18 March was National Apprenticeship Week. But you don’t have to wait for it to come around again, to find out about apprenticeships. Read on to find out how apprenticeships can add value to a small business or new start up.   For a small business, building up a loyal trained workforce by hiring new people is always… Read More


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