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Sharing the compliments of the season

In the run up to Christmas many companies like to thank staff by inviting them to an event, or giving them a gift. It is also common to show appreciation to customers. However, before you get too busy, we wanted to highlight the rules around staff and client entertainment and gifts… Staff entertainment HMRC allow… Read More

Business rates – what you need to know

If you work from premises, rather than an office at home, you will be liable for business rates. The Valuation Office (which comes under the remit of HMRC), is responsible for calculating the rateable value of your business premises. That valuation is then passed to your local council, who will calculate your business rates. Your… Read More

Subcontractor or employee?

You may wonder why it makes any difference whether the person you are working with is deemed a subcontractor or employee? However, the rights of an employee are significantly greater than those of independent contractors or workers. Equally, HMRC treat them differently, and may expect additional payments from you. So, let’s start by looking at… Read More

Are you claiming mileage correctly?

This is part one of a series of three updates on business travel. This is a hugely complicated part of business life, and clients constantly ask us for advice and guidance. In this post we are going to concentrate on claiming mileage for business travel you make using your personal car. When can you claim… Read More

HMRC Investigations: what is the likelihood of you being investigated?

During the last few years, HMRC investigations have been on the rise and even small tax payers are covered. Read on, to find out why.  After integration of HM Customs and Excise and Inland Revenue in 2005, the need for a centralised IT database was created. So HMRC collaborated with BAE systems to create a powerful and intelligent software called “Connect” to… Read More

How much in dividends can I take out from my company?

I am often asked by my clients, how and when can they take out dividends from their company. Dividends are the most preferred way to take money out of your business, if you want to keep your tax bill to minimum.  However, with effect from 1st April 2016, these are no longer entirely tax free. It is… Read More


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