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Your company authentication code: what is it and why you do need to keep it secure?

What is an authentication code? If your company was incorporated through an agent, you may be unaware of your company authentication code. When you form a new company, Companies House issue a 6 digit alphanumeric code. This is known as your company authentication code, and it allows an authorised person to file forms with Companies House. In… Read More

New MTD regulations for VAT

HMRC, much to their embarrassment,  had to postpone MTD go live for non-VAT registered businesses in the beginning of this year. However, they are on track with MTD for VAT. Earlier this month HMRC opened consultation on MTD reforms in VAT. The new measures set out will come into effect in spring next year, most… Read More

Launching a startup – the legal bits

  Last month we discussed moving from your initial idea to a robust business plan. This month we consider the basic elements  you need to get right from the outset when launching a startup:   The structure when launching a startup: Sole trader, company or partnership…which is best for you, and how do you know? The decision… Read More

Changes to the VAT flat rate scheme

With effect from April 2017, there will be changes to the VAT flat rate scheme. For each VAT period, all companies on the VAT flat rate scheme (FRS), will be required to assess if they are a limited cost trader. What is a limited cost trader? A company whose total expenditure on “goods” purchased is:… Read More

Appointing a family member as a shareholder or director

We are often asked by clients if appointing a family member, particularly their spouse or civil partner, as a shareholder would reduce their tax liability. A typical situation would be when a sole company director is earning over the higher rate tax threshold, and their spouse or civil partner is earning below it, and hasan… Read More

How to choose an accountant

If you are currently choosing an accountant for your business, you may be struggling. You have probably looked at several accountancy websites, and feel that every company seems the same. On that basis, you could be forgiven for making your decision based on price. But before you do, think about exactly what it is you… Read More


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